Kaiser Permanente Customer Reviews:


Most recent update (10/2016)

Using the appointments option causes the app to crash 100% everytime. New update needs to fix this very important issue.

Doesn't work

I can't book appts, check medical records. The only thing I can do is open the app.

Need to fix BUG!

Have not been able to get past main screen after logging in. I try to click appointments, and my app crashes, notifying me that "unfortunately kp has stopped". I've sent report in the past and no result or feedback from kp. I used this app many-many times before, without huge problems. This app SUCKS NOW!

Great App

Horrible. I can't do anything on the app because it continually crashes and has been for months. There's continually updates for the app, but it never fixes the crashing.


Does not allow 'Reply' to email messages. There is a Reply button in the Application but it is greyed out and unusable. Galaxy S7 Edge

Uninstall, restart phone, reinstall app.

Left review here about lack of functionality - no response. Submitted app feedback ON THE APP and got an email with instructions to uninstall the app, restart my phone, and then reinstall the app. I have a fully functioning app now! In app tech support rocks!!

A nice update to an already good at

I like the new ID card right on your fingertips to show at the counter. Some nice improvements

Loved it!:)




All it does is crash after logging in

Crashes all the time

Unable to use the app, after I login it crashes every time I select an item like, appts, messages, etc


It tells me I don't exist, but I do and I typed in the correct info for a login

Crappy App

Crappy app and does not allow me to sign-in. Hate it.

Needs Support for Google Smart Lock

Great way to get things done

Dont let me login

Slow to load after signing in

I got an email that I had blood test results, so naturally I used my KP app. After logging in, the system said "loading" for every category. After a long wait, I got annoyed and decided to login from my browser. That was MUCH faster than the app - why? I was using the same device and had the same internet connection for both. After I was done online, FINALLY the app finished "loading ". Ridiculous.

Easy to use on the go

I like this app because it is easy to use and I always have my ID card with me. My wife wishes they had the ID card in the Apple version of this app. 😁

Straight-up DOES NOT WORK

Every single thing I click on causes the app to crash. Sick of it. Finally uninstalled after giving the developers MORE THAN A YEAR to deal with these bugs. What a joke.



Good app for Kaiser members

I like this app even better then the regular Kaiser app for quick updates.

Never works. Every time I log it all I get is an Error message that my data cannot be retrieved at this time. Please try again later. I give up.




I like everything about this Except it's not letting check appointments anymore! ....what the heck!

After another update still not working.

I haven't even been able to get the app open for quite a while, even after several updates, because it says there is a system error. I rely on having this app's full potential for my chronically ill child. Will get more stars when problems are fixed. Even after the recent update I still can't get on. It says "Experiencing technical difficulties. Try again later." Everytime I try to get on.

Good app, but....

It would be nice to be able to access X-ray images on here and doctor notes from visits. It also has many system errors that keep me from viewing or scheduling appointments.

System Errors Galore

Keep receiving System Error - we're unable to process you request at this time. Terrible!! I pretty much ALWAYS get this error! Why do you have an App, when it NEVER works?!?!?!!??!?!?!


Able to check medical records online

Used to work great

Now can't make apts for months out or view test results without getting kicked out


Very bad experience. I spent significant time writing a long, detailed message to my doctor within the app. When I was finished, the message failed to send properly numerous times, and the retry button did nothing helpful. There was no way to save the message for later, or even to review the text so that I could retype it via computer. Complete waste of time and very frustrating.

have trouble making appts won't give me times so I end up calling the call center for appt just updated again will try one more time

Breaks 99% of the time

The only thing you can do with the app is read messages from your doctor and MAYBE send some. The app will stop responding of you try to access the appointment option and test results will never be loaded.

No Working

I downloaded the app and entered my information and the app can't locate my identity. Going to uninstall

This app used to work on my Galaxy S3. Now it's not compatible with this phone. What the heck. What changed ,

Easy access

I was advised by my OBGYN to use this app as a quicker access to my info results appts. and such. I love the app


When will this be fixed. Can't load or schedule appointments :(

Have not been able to schedule appointments through app.

No thanks

KP asking for too much permission of my phone. Very suspicious.